28 Years of Making Our Mark: North Highland Anniversary Q+A



To celebrate North Highland’s 28th anniversary, we sat down with a few North Highlanders to discuss the firm’s unique culture of care, what their favorite things are about North Highland and some of their proudest moments at work:

Dwight Specht - Vice President, Atlanta

Nihal Vora - Consultant, London

Amol Wani - Consultant, Philadelphia

Kelli Klindtworth - Principal, Portland

William Addison - Senior Consultant, Philadelphia


What is your favorite thing about working at North Highland?

Dwight: Having the opportunity to use Teams to its fullest extent – finally!

Nihal: I would have to say the people. They are the reason I joined the firm and the main reason why I enjoy myself at work so much, especially when I’m back to see everyone on a Friday. Also, the Pets Teams channel, the hidden gem on there.

Amol: The people and our culture of care. Everyone helped me ease into my first job out of grad school in a new city!

Kelli: North Highland is one of the few places that really lives up its promise. I’ve had many people who have invested themselves in making sure that I unleash my potential and I always feel like I can grow through my choices.

William: The mutual respect and trust that we will do right by our clients at North Highland is something that I am especially proud of. Every project is unique in how we get things done, but this is also an underlying theme that is consistent in every project.


Is there an accomplishment that you are proud of from your time at North Highland?

Dwight: Seeing Dan Montgomery, Dan Kopp, Cliff Stephens, and Michael Hill all reach Associate Vice President in the last two years. They are a great group of leaders that have made outstanding contributions to the firm, and I was so happy to see that acknowledged by the executive team.

Nihal: Hosting the Christmas Action Day in the London office last year. I was able to get the whole office to join me in doing the Hugh Grant dance from Love Actually on stage!

Amol: Being recognized for my client work by our clients. A client let our lead know that my work was critical to the project and that he would love to keep working with me in the future.

Kelli: Every time I see one of my colleagues step into a new set of responsibilities or reach a new a new development milestone, I feel a huge sense of pride. It is the victories of those around me that make me most proud.

William: When we are asked to continue our work for a client, it shows that they see the value in our work. This is something I am very proud of.


What has been your most memorable moment at North Highland?

Dwight: Being part of the capability realignment work we did as part of the overall organization model changes. It was very exciting being part of the process of moving away from an exclusively office-centric model and watching the beneficial impact it had on the firm.

Nihal: Helping launch 5G in the UK. It was, and still is, a huge project with many exciting and moving parts, and I know that I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to be involved in something like this if I wasn’t at North Highland.

Amol: Being the social lead for the Philadelphia & Basking Ridge office. I am constantly trying to come up with new activities!

Kelli: I have two favorite moments. From a client facing side, it would be the work I did with a major city police department on culture change. Socially, I rode the Polar Express in my pajamas with a handful of colleagues.

William: Having the opportunity to see how our clients work in person.


Describe North Highland using three words. 

Dwight: Massively-productive remote workforce.

Nihal: People come first.

Amol: For the win!

Kelli: Supportive, challenging, transformative.

William: Many great people.