Capitalizing on IIJA & IRA for Energy Transition

North Highland hosts global leaders in a discussion on energy transition and the lower-carbon future of tomorrow.

Teri Mendelovitz, the firm’s global leader of Energy & Utilities, welcomed all attendees and compared different approaches to delivering secure, affordable, and cleaner forms of energy.

Guest speaker Kera Gautreau of the Houston Energy Transition Initiative HETI, followed with Houston’s commitment to lead the energy transition with a focus on cutting-edge carbon capture and related technologies. The efforts made in Houston served as an inspiration for leaders around the world to lean into similar system modernizations. Colleagues and clients learned from each other and shared ideas to continue to push clean energy forward across the E&U landscape.

The Energy Transition Journey Ahead

The energy transition and the journey to net-zero will ultimately follow several pathways and will require close collaboration between both established and new energy firms. It’s crucial to recognize the importance of policy leadership from governments, global organizations, private-public partnerships, as well as technical contributions from research organizations and the start-up community in realizing plans for energy transition globally. One important link is the role of IIJA and IRA – commonly known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – in accelerating those plans and jumpstarting projects.

Creating Change Together

North Highland understands that energy transition is a monumental shift and it's the defining transformation of our time. With our value-based transformation approach, we are equipped to partner with E&U companies looking to improve their performance and take the lead in the low-carbon energy future. The partnership will entail evaluating and prioritizing projects that are eligible for funding, providing assistance with the application process, and managing project execution while adhering to the governance requirements outlined in the Law.

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