Meet the Pets of North Highland: Q+A With Our Furry Friends

Pets 2020

It’s our favorite time of the year again – National Pet Day! It’s no secret that North Highlanders love their pets – we even have a dedicated Teams channel to share the latest and greatest pictures of our favorite companions. To celebrate our beloved furry friends, we connected with some of North Highlanders’ four-legged friends to chat about their busy schedules and favorite activities. Meet the team:

  • Luna Proctor, a tuxedo tortie belonging to Jaclyn Proctor, PR & Communications Specialist
  • Bailey Bekker, a Boston terrier belonging to Izelle Bekker, Talent Acquisition Lead
  • Max Nadolski, an Australian shepherd belonging to Sam Nadolski, Digital Marketing Manager
  • Mac Scruggs, a black lab/corgi mix belonging to Kaleigh Scruggs, Senior Associate
  • Eugene Tourne, a golden retriever belonging to Rachel Tourne, Talent Acquisition Lead


If you worked at North Highland, what would be your title? 

Luna: CEO, obviously

Bailey: CTO – Chief Toy Officer

Max: Chief Barking Officer. It’s a tough job, but someone must do it.

Mac: Consultant - Napping Capability

Eugene: Managing Director of Tug-o-War


With your human working from home, where can we find you? 

Luna: I sleep on a fluffy white cushion overlooking the backyard terrace while she works next to me, keeping an eye out for any birds or bees that fly by. I need plenty of beauty sleep to look this good!

Bailey: Working in the garden. My job is very important. I make sure that all the toys are tested but most of them don’t pass as they break within two minutes!

Max: If she is on a video call, I love to run into her office and jump right on her lap. Clearly the only reason someone made it a video meeting was to see me.

Mac: Right by her side or under her feet or trying to sit on her lap even though I'm not exactly a lap dog.

Eugene: Sit in her lap or bring her toys – occasionally bark at dogs, squirrels, and other people.


What is your favorite thing to do while your human is on conference calls? 

Luna: I need to make my presence known to show who the real brains behind the operation is. So, I speak (meow) into the phone, walk across the keyboard to edit her work, and make an appearance on all video calls.

Bailey: Mostly sleeping on the job.

Max: Curled up by her feet with my favorite squeaky toy. A true passion of mine is to squeak it all day long.

Mac: Bark! I want to be heard as well!

Eugene: Sleeping on the couch on my back, with all 4 paws in the air.


What is your favorite thing about your human? 

Luna: She brings home a paycheck. Oh…and she plays fetch with me (Yes, cats can fetch. We just don’t beg for attention like those inferior “pets” they call dogs.).

Bailey: She gives me food and cuddles and takes me on holidays.

Max: No matter how many times I bring her a tennis ball, she will always throw it for me.  

Mac: She gives me a lot of treats, especially before she has meetings. She also lets me go lay outside on the porch as many times as I want during the day!

Eugene: She loves to play with me and give me all the attention I require (which is a lot).