North Highland's Nashville Office Named 2018 Best In Business Awards Finalist: A Conversation With Nancy Schultz

North Highland’s Nashville office is celebrating a recent success after being named a finalist for the Nashville Business Journal’s 2018 Best in Business Awards in the 26-100 Employees category. This award is for companies that exemplify growth, service, quality, innovation and execution of a superb business strategy.

We caught up with Nancy Schultz, North Highland vice president and head of the Nashville office, to hear her thoughts on this exciting nomination and what it means for this office.

Congratulations on being selected as finalists! Can you tell us about how the team reacted when you found out you had been nominated?

We were so honored to be chosen as finalists in this category. We’ve never been finalists for this award before, and we are excited. After a 25-year history as a firm and 19 years as the Nashville office, we’ve continued an incredible growth trajectory as a firm and as a consulting practice. This nomination reaffirms our growing presence in the Nashville market.

You’ve been leading the Nashville office since it opened 19 years ago. What do you think has been the most significant area of growth for the office since that time?

When we first opened the office, we focused on building relationships across the Nashville business community. Over the years, we’ve continued to double down on going to market by bringing expertise within different industries, as well as our various consulting capabilities. In Nashville, we have focused on healthcare, retail, automotive, insurance and the music industry.

We’ve also concentrated on bringing new ideas and growth opportunities to our clients through our different capabilities to help clients evolve and advance within their respective businesses. As our clients continue to grow and be successful, so does North Highland.

How do you think North Highland sets itself apart from the other finalists?

Although we are the only consulting firm among the finalists, a commonality among these companies is the focus on serving clients.

As a firm, we want our work with clients to be a true partnership and make them feel as though we are part of their team, working together to leave their company better than we found it. Our goal is to help clients develop lasting solutions to their business challenges. We do this by truly integrating ourselves into their projects and becoming part of their teams to fully understand challenges they face. This gives us the ability to help come up with the best possible solutions. I think this devotion to value-based relationships not only sets us apart from our consulting competitors, but also differentiates us among the other finalists.

What do you think the Nashville team’s biggest strength is and why? What do you value most about the team?

Our biggest strength is our ability to collaborate and work side by side with our clients. We help them achieve success by bringing them new ideas, as well as helping them address any problems they have as they continue to grow in their respective industries.

The Nashville team brings big, diverse ideas, as well as industry and business experiences to our clients. This diversity is vital to successfully completing work across different industries, capabilities and business functions – as well as driving value for client projects.

Where do you see the team going next?

As Nashville continues to exponentially grow, so will our firm and our Nashville office. We will continue to add the necessary expertise to our teams in order to best serve the growing landscape of the city. Because of our size and structure, we are able to be as nimble and agile as necessary to best serve our clients during this time of development and change.

Can you share something interesting you’ve learned as you’ve seen North Highland grow over the years?

I’ve learned the power of bringing a diverse set of ideas and experiences to our clients. This diversity encourages ideas that help fuel growth and success for our clients.

Our Nashville North Highland team looks forward to attending the 2018 Best in Business Awards luncheon on March 8 to celebrate with the other finalists and find out who takes home the prize. 

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