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The management function closest to the frontline of work execution, the domain PMO must be given the tools and focus needed to succeed. To be effective and contribute to business agility, PMOs require total visibility across all work regardless of how it is being delivered (traditional, agile or ad-hoc).




  • Governance and oversight. Domain PMOs are the first line of governance and leadership in an organization. It’s crucial they have the right tools to act as both an early warning system for the organization and a communications hub for all stakeholders.


  • Optimized resource utilization. Domain PMOs must ensure that resources are being utilized to their fullest, not only in terms of allocating people to work that is aligned with strategy, but also by validating that those allocations are the most appropriate for each individual to make the best contribution.


  • Financial control. It’s critical that the PMO maintain oversight of the money being spent on all work, whether that’s measured in financial or effort terms and to maintain accurate financial forecasts. It is the domain PMOs’ collective and individual responsibility to report any anomalies as soon as they arise.

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