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Project managers drive business agility through effective delivery and execution. But being on-time, on-scope and on-budget is irrelevant unless a project also delivers ‘on-benefit’. So it’s critical for project managers to embrace capabilities that ensure all execution is aligned with strategy.




  • There is increasing recognition today that projects only deliver value by enabling the business outcomes that they were approved to support. The ability for project managers and their teams to consistently optimize that value is a constant challenge and requires continuous awareness of evolving business needs.


  • Align the work being managed with business strategy. Project managers must help connect the strategic business planning, funding and portfolio execution approach of the organization with the execution of work to deliver the goals and objectives of that portfolio.  Put simply, they must demonstrate value by enabling value in work execution.


  • Navigating the tri-modal reality and tensions with PMOs, as well as among departmental leadership who didn’t see a return on their investment. This requires standardized oversight, compliance and reporting, and the ability to deliver work using structures other than projects including programs, products, and emerging approaches like capability-based investments.

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