NH360 Enterprise Connect v3.8

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Enterprise Connect v3.8. We strongly recommend that you validate these updates once they become available.


Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:



  • Added the ability to create two new Object Property types: Object-driven PickList and Object-driven MultiSelect. The list of available values for these properties is dynamically populated with objects created with a selected Object Type
  • Added the ability to select a parent object for Applications, Controls, Customer Segments, Databases, Datastores, Entities, Attributes, Channels, Skills, Guiding Principles, Information Standards, Interactions, Portfolios, Requirements, Risks, Schemas, Servers, Strategy Elements, Systems, Technical Services, Technologies, Value Items, Value Propositions and Vendor objects
  • Fixed issue with the value that is displayed when adding a MultiSelect property inline to an object and changing it to a PickList property
  • Fixed issue with not being able to create a Property using the name of a previously deleted one
  • Fixed issue with not being able to remove existing Start Date and End Date values from Date Types within an object
  • Fixed issue with the displaying the wrong default value in the Parent field when creating an Application using the Save & New button
  • Fixed issue with PickList and MultiSelect object property values not being copied when adding an object to a viewpoint having the Inherit from Default option set to true
  • Fixed issue with not being able to delete related objects when PickList or MultiSelect association properties have values set on the relationship
  • Fixed issue with the Relationship Model not displaying properly for Assessments object type
  • Fixed issue with users not being to delete certain objects
  • Fixed issue displaying association property values in OData views and in the Associations panel.


Import and Connectors

  • Fixed issue with imported Assessment Property Values not being displayed after the import is complete.
  • Fixed issue with objects not being removed from the navigation panel after the object is deleted using the Import functionality



  • Fixed issue with the available values not being correctly displayed in the Font drop-down list when editing a model
  • Fixed issue with model heatmap criteria not being applied to Objects having the same special character twice in their name
  • Fixed issue with the Application and Version group header background not being correctly set in Application Landscape Maps
  • Fixed issue with error being displayed when creating a new Technology object from an Architecture State Model
  • Fixed issue with not being able to select object properties of type PickList when applying a Property Values heatmap type on models.
  • Fixed errors displayed when adding multiple text categories while editing Customer Journey Maps models
  • Fixed issue with the Prevent Reparenting option not working when changing the parent of an object using drag-and-drop
  • Fixed issue with not being able to select an Association Property in the Heatmap panel while editing models
  • Fixed issue with not being able to change the taxonomy of Information Concepts directly in models
  • Fixed issue with the Heatmap Transition column values not being displayed when heatmapping Assessment models
  • Fixed issue with Allow Duplicates setting not working properly on Application Landscape Maps
  • Fixed issue with sometimes not being able to add an object in an Application Landscape Map
  • Fixed issue with duplicate objects being displayed in Roadmap models
  • Fixed issue with incorrect hierarchy data being displayed in the Models OData view
  • Fixed issue with applying a Heatmap to Assessment Models
  • Fixed issue with object names overlapping with icons in Process Architecture Landscape Map models
  • Fixed issue with the Align Object Icon from Universal Models
  • Fixed UI issues in the Save Diagram As dialog
  • Improved error handling when trying to define an unsupported association between two objects while editing Universal Models
  • Fixed issue with exporting Business Process Models using the Export BPMN button
  • Fixed issue with connector line styles not resetting to default when editing Universal Models
  • Fixed permission error displayed when adding an object in an Association Landscape Map model.
  • Fixed issue when selecting multiple objects in models using the selection tool.
  • Fixed issue with adding a new Business Process to a Process Architecture Landscape Map model.
  • Fixed issue with objects being displayed multiple times in roadmaps.
  • Fixed issue with error being displayed when opening previously saved Roadmap views.
  • Fixed issue when some roadmaps were opened by users having Viewer permissions.
  • Fixed issue with navigating to Business Capabilities or Information Concepts objects from existing models.


Assessments & Surveys

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly notifying users that an assessment value import failed when the import completed successfully



  • Introducing a new Modern theme for improved look-and-feel
  • Added the property name before the property value in the navigation tree when objects are grouped by a property. Objects without a property value are placed in a dedicated group
  • Removed redundant Filters section from the default landing page
  • Fixed random issue with users being prompted to re-authenticate
  • Fixed performance issue when displaying many Application objects in the navigation tree or object grid.
  • Fixed issue with objects not being correctly grouped in the navigation panel for non-default context, when grouping the navigation using Picklist object properties
  • Fixed issue with user notification being displayed when adding or removing an object from a context
  • Fixed issue with object icons not being visually differentiated for objects that do not belong to the selected viewpoint
  • Fixed issue with the Properties OData view not containing Options values
  • Fixed issue with grouping objects by Type in the Navigation Tree
  • Fixed issue with administrators not being able to edit Options and Descriptions for existing properties.



  • Added the ability to programmatically create options for PickList and MultiSelect properties
  • Fixed issue with programmatically creating or updating an Attribute object


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Business Architecture: How to Build a Successful Model

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