NH360 Enterprise Connect v3.9

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Enterprise Connect v3.9. We strongly recommend that you validate these updates once they become available.


Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:



  • Removed the Application Instance, Installation, Sprint and User Story intrinsic Object Types
  • Removed the Architecture State object type
  • Removed Taxonomy section from Information Concepts object screen
  • Migrated Application Version intrinsic objects to a new Application Versions object type
  • Removed the Application Versions section from the Applications object screen
  • Migrated Technology Version intrinsic objects to a new Technology Versions object type
  • Removed the Technology Versions section from the Technologies object screen
  • Fixed issue with Replacement Quarter and Replacement Year not being displayed when importing or drag-and-dropping an application object in the Replaced By section
  • Fixed issue with object property values not being deleted from a non-default Context
  • Fixed issue with associated objects not being displayed when expanding object type nodes in the Relationship Model


Imports & Connectors

  • Fixed issue with object imports not accounting for case sensitive object name
  • Fixed issue with Business Process Model hierarchy not being properly defined when importing a hierarchy of Business Process objects
  • Fixed issue with imported PickList or Multiselect property values being displayed with the wrong capitalization



  • Removed MultiSelect properties from Property Value heatmap type
  • Removed the Architecture State model type
  • Removed Association Landscape Maps model type
  • Fixed validation dialog issue when deleting an object from a Business Process Model
  • Fixed issue with displayed association connectors from Association Landscape Map models when adding associated objects to a node
  • Fixed issue with not being able to delete existing Customer Journey Map models
  • Fixed issue with icons no being differentiated for models that are not part of the selected Context
  • Fixed issue with copying or moving an existing model into the current Context
  • Fixed issue with associated objects for User Tasks not being displayed in the Associations pane within Business Process Models
  • Fixed issue with button labels from the Save As dialog being displayed using the wrong color
  • Fixed issue with not being able to expand related objects from more than 3 levels in Association Models
  • Fixed issue with association direction between two objects not being displayed in Association Models
  • Fixed issue with heatmap colors not being displayed correctly due to the Opacity option
  • Fixed issue with the text underlining not being persisted in models
  • Fixed issue with the Font Size drop-down not displaying the correct value when adding a new text element on a model
  • Fixed issues with existing text not being erased when typing in a text element
  • Fixed issue with error displayed when trying to delete an object for a second time from a Value Stream Map



  • Added the ability to reset the Home page to its default page
  • The dataset logo can no longer be programmatically read through the API
  • Removed option to export Power BI reports using the CSV or XLSX format



  • Added the ability to programmatically read the available values of object-driven properties
  • Fixed issue with available MultiSelect and PickList property values not being returned in the correct sequence when being read programmatically


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