NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.10

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.10 – Product Update 10 (PU10). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.


Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:


Strategy Hub

  • Added the ability to filter Strategic Objectives and Metrics views by selecting multiple values when defining filters on a column
  • Fixed issue with not displaying the full value of multi-level metric fields in the MetricEntityFieldValues and SnapshotMetricEntityFieldValues OData views
  • Fixed issue with decimal values being rounded for Metric fields of type Number in the MetricFieldValues OData view
  • StrategicObjectiveFieldValues and MetricFieldValues OData views no longer include fields that have no values
  • Fixed issue with the Parent Metric field values not being ordered alphabetically in the Create Metric dialog
  • Fixed issue with snapshotted values of Metric Assignment fields without Option Sets not being displayed in the SnapshotMetricEntityFieldValues OData view


Roadmap Manager

  • Improved user experience when managing a long list of milestones by locking in place the column headers when scrolling the milestone list vertically
  • Added the ability to automatically create milestones from the associated Milestone Template when the entity’s start date is set after it has been created
  • Added the ability to filter milestones by selecting multiple values when defining filters on a column
  • Added the ability to see a subset of available entities in the Related Entity control from the Create Relationship dialog before searching for a specific entity
  • Fixed issue with milestone dates being editable in-line regardless of the milestone Status
  • Fixed issue with dates and field values of milestones synchronized from Microsoft Project being editable in-line
  • Fixed issue with not displaying the full value of multi-level milestone fields in the MilestoneFieldValues OData view
  • Fixed display issue with dependency lines in Timeline roadmaps
  • Fixed issue with Milestone web part height not increasing dynamically when using Adjust height to fit zone option
  • Fixed issue with formula fields not being updated when changing a field value used in the formula from a Board roadmap
  • Fixed issue with Actual Date values not being copied over Planned Date values when using the Copy Milestones Dates workflow stage transition action
  • Fixed display issues with milestone list when changing the browser tab zoom level


Resource Manager

  • Added the ability to Commit work values for individual resource assignments from the same entity
  • Performance improvements in the Add Resource and Reassign Resource dialogs when resource fields using options sets are added as search terms
  • Summary Card values are now automatically refreshed when saving resource plan changes
  • Removed redundant Entity Name field and kept Name field in the Display Filter dialog from the My Resource Plans and My Resources web parts
  • Added the CreationDate and LastModifiedDate in the Resources OData view
  • Added new message in resource plans to let users know that the values are in the process of being calculated while queue jobs impacting Availability values are running
  • Fixed issue with non-working days being used when distributing or aggregating resource plan work values to different granularities
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing values from Microsoft Project resource fields specifically named Resource Cost Center
  • Fixed issue with no validation being performed when adding an invalid filtering condition in the Display Filter dialog from the My Resource Plans view
  • Fixed issue with the Email field being used as a search term in the Add Resource and Reassign Resource dialogs at all times
  • Fixed issue with resources deleted from Microsoft Project still being synchronized in the 360 Portfolio Insights resource pool
  • Fixed issue with resource plans not loading when adding a resource whose name contains the % special character


Portfolio Manager

  • Added the ability to create plans with resource information displayed in the Full Time Equivalent work unit
  • Added the ability to filter out resources that have no value on a resource field by adding a new Is Not Blank filtering condition
  • Fixed issue with user not being able to save a new scenario when moving an entity’s milestones outside the plan range
  • Fixed issue with newly created plans remaining idle while initializing data until the page is manually refreshed


Core Financial Capabilities

  • Added the ability to display mapped financial values from entity fields using custom currency symbols
  • Added the ability to display Summary Card values using custom currencies
  • Added the WorkflowStageGUID column to the FinancialValues OData view
  • Added the ability to define granular filters to manage financial status periods for any subset of entities within the Manage Financial Status Periods page
  • Added new Change Request Reporting Settings global option providing the ability to include Draft change requests in OData views
  • Fixed issue with not removing Allocation Centers that contain no values from existing entities, after the Allocation Center Template was removed from their Entity Type
  • Fixed issue with summary cards not updating as soon as values are inputted in the top level financial category



  • Added the ability to manage a hierarchy of Organization Units and provide dynamic user access to entities
  • Added Export to Excel capability to Portfolio Hub views
  • Added the ability to create child option set values with the same name under different parent values
  • Added the ability to filter Portfolio Hub views by selecting multiple values when defining filters on a column
  • Improved UI/UX for managing queue jobs in the UMT360 Queue administration page
  • Added the ability to manage users in the context of security groups
  • Added the ability to bulk update existing user’s First and Last Name, E-Mail Address, Organization Unit and Security Group using the Import capability from the Manage Users admin page
  • Added the ability to create entities with the same name using different Entity Types
  • Added the ability to map the Home navigation link to a custom URL
  • Added the ability import rich-text entity field values using Data Exchange
  • Added a new Duration column to the Manage Queue administration page
  • Replaced the Azure Active Directory Group drop-down control with a search box to address performance issue when a very large number of groups exist in Azure Active Directory
  • Improved performance when creating new entities using Data Exchange
  • Fixed issue with all option set values being enabled when editing an Option Set
  • Fixed issue with being unable to extend or crop synchronized resource plan and financial timelines that have slightly different start dates while financials are in execution
  • Fixed issue with being able to select Date fields with Option Sets or Lookup Tables when configuring the Entity Timeline for Roadmaps setting in the definition of an Entity Type
  • Fixed issue with formula-based entity fields not being synchronized to NH360 Enterprise Connect
  • Fixed issue with some special characters not being correctly displayed in the EntityFieldValues OData view
  • Fixed issue with wrong Forms being called out as missing required entity field values when submitting entity to the next workflow stage
  • Fixed issue with formula-based entity field values being updated in the Entity Details view only after refreshing the page 



  • Added the SurveyRankingAnswerId property to the EntitySurveyAnswerCollection class
  • Improved error handling when trying to create AssignmentValue outside the resource plan timeline
  • Improved error handling when trying to read time periods for an Enterprise Financial Type that is not associated with the current entity
  • Added the ability to programmatically create Multiple lines of text fields
  • Added the ability to programmatically manage the financial integration settings of an entity
  • Added events on the FieldsFormController triggered when one or all entity fields are loaded in a form
  • Fixed issues with adding Financial Nodes and Allocation Centers to existing Financial Breakdowns
  • Fixed issue with Financial Custom Field values of type Flag not being displayed correctly when updated programmatically
  • Fixed issue with not being able to programmatically add a child value to an existing parent value from an Option Set
  • Fixed issue with metric description not being returned when reading metrics programmatically
  • Fixed issue with updating rich text field values programmatically though the workflow definition
  • Fixed issue with allowing relationships to be created programmatically with the wrong relationship type
  • Fixed issue with being able to programmatically create financial sub-categories under standardized parent categories
  • Fixed issue with programmatically reading resource assignment values when using a start date different than the first day of a period
  • Fixed issue with the workflow stage transition event being triggered with the wrong value for the Entity UID


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