NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.11

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.11 – Product Update 11 (PU11). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.


Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:


Strategy Hub

  • Added the ability to dynamically restrict access to strategic objectives and their metrics based on organization units
  • Added new Child Metric Level option to the Tracking Level setting. Metrics using child metric level tracking will have their forecast and actuals values automatically rolled-up from their associated child metrics
  • Added a new Rollup Tracking Values to Parent Metric setting that controls which metrics will roll up their forecast and actuals values to their selected parent metric
  • Added the ability to globally define custom labels for strategic objectives and metrics
  • Added the ability to display the full hierarchy of metrics by grouping the Metrics view using the Metric Hierarchy option
  • Added the ParentGUID and the RollupTrackingValuesToParent columns to the Metrics OData view
  • Fixed issue with being able to create strategic objectives without providing values in the Start Date and End Date fields


Roadmap Manager

  • Added the ability to display up to ten (10) entity fields as columns in the Relationships view
  • Fixed issue with available values from Enterprise Association fields not updating correctly when renaming an entity
  • Fixed issue with more than one queue job being triggered when updating milestones on an entity


Resource Manager

  • Added a new ModifiedBy column in all OData views that include resource assignment values
  • Improved resource rates accuracy by increasing their number of available decimals to six (6)
  • Fixed issue with full values being displayed in the Organization Unit field when added to the Add Resource dialog
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing work values from Microsoft Project schedule when the Phase assignment field is configured with a lookup table
  • Fixed issue with the AssignmentValues and AssignmentValuesWeekly OData views not being updated when deleting all resource assignments from an entity
  • Fixed issue with displaying an unknown error in the Synchronize Resources dialog when reading Azure Active Directory Groups


Portfolio Manager

  • Fixed issue with cost, benefits and resource assignment values not updating when re-scheduling entities in portfolio plans


Core Financial Capabilities

  • Added a new DeletedFinancialValues OData view which stores previously deleted financial values for the past 60 days
  • Fixed issue with summary cards not being displayed while there are no financial values in the grid and a custom currency is set
  • Fixed issue with NodeNamePath and NodeGUIDPath columns not being updated for the top-level financial category in the FinancialValues and FinancialValuesLeaves OData views



  • Added the ability for administrators to change the entity type of existing entities
  • Added a new UserProfiles OData view which contains user information such as their Organization Units, Security Groups, etc.
  • Enhanced the way error messages are displayed when queue items fail
  • Improved performance when deleting many snapshots using the Manage Snapshots page
  • Fixed issue with decimal values being rounded in fields of type Cost when more than two decimal places are configured in Global Options
  • Fixed issue with new lines of text captured in rich-text entity fields not being kept into focus
  • Fixed issue with reporting values sometimes being out-of-sync for financial custom fields created with Microsoft Project lookup tables
  • Fixed issue with custom permissions defined for a security group at the entity type level being applied to users from other security groups
  • Fixed issue with unique identifiers being displayed instead of values for financial breakdown fields of type Flag in OData views
  • Fixed issue with unique identifiers being displayed instead of values in the Enterprise Financial Type, Allocation Center Mapping and Category Mapping columns from the AssignmentFieldValues, ResourceFieldValues and SnapshotAssignmentFieldValues OData views
  • Fixed issue with the Owner field value being removed for default security groups



  • Added the ability to programmatically create and update survey scoring templates
  • Added the ConvertEntitiesEntityType method used to programmatically change the entity type of an existing entity
  • Fixed issue with Microsoft Project fields being returned when reading entity fields programmatically
  • Fixed issue with values of Planned vs. Committed and Actuals vs. Committed variances not being returned when programmatically reading assignment values


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