NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.13

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Updated April 16, 2024

We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.13 – Product Update 13 (PU13). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.


Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:


New Feature: Entity Lifecycles
Entity lifecycles represent the next evolution of entity workflows, providing flexible governance controls with an intuitive and high-performance end-user experience.

  • Seamlessly transition from legacy SharePoint workflows by leveraging existing stages and their configuration.
  • Empower your users to select the next stage to which to transition an entity and preview validations and required fields in the new Entity Lifecycle dialog.
  • Trigger automatic stage transitions based on configurable conditions defined with entity fields.
  • Set entity field values automatically with a new transition action.
  • Trigger stage transition actions and validations during individual stage transitions, rather than unconditionally when exiting a stage.
  • Capture a history of stage transitions, actions, and more on the new Entity History page.

Strategy Hub

  • Fixed issue with the search control disappearing when no search results are returned in the Add Metric dialog from the Metrics entity view.
  • Fixed issue with decimals not being displayed correctly when editing percentage values in the Progress Tracking dialog.
  • Fixed issue with being able to select a different strategic objective when editing an existing metric.

Roadmap Manager

  • Improved load times for Milestones and Relationships entity views.

Resource Manager

  • Added the ability to use the Generic resource field as a displayed and searchable field in the Resource Plan view.
  • Fixed issue with Reporting: Update Resource Information queue job timing out when deleting a resource from the resource pool.
  • Fixed issue with resource summary cards being displayed for users that do not have permissions to view certain types of resource dimensions.
  • Fixed issue with decimal value separators not being displayed according to the site locale in resource plans.
  • Fixed issue with the Synchronize Resources dialog loading indefinitely when an unexpected error occurs.

Portfolio Manager

  • Improved performance when refreshing plan data for plans containing very large numbers of entities and resource assignments.
  • Added ScenarioEntityTimelines OData view containing the optimization status (Included or Excluded) for entities.
  • Fixed issue with resources not being filtered out of a plan, when filtering conditions are based on option set fields with default values.
  • Fixed issue with plan data failing to refresh when a new entity is created, and it has milestones dependencies with other entities from the plan.

Core Financial Capabilities

  • Added new CostCenterNamePath and CostCenterGUIDPath columns to the CostCenters OData view.
  • Added new NodeNamePath and NodeGUIDPath columns to the EnterpriseFinancialTypes OData view.
  • Fixed issue with Forecast financial values not being copied to Budget values for past periods when the Budget financial dimension is in execution.
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing financial values from resource plans containing resources without a default allocation center mapping.


  • Added the ability to edit multiple workflow stage settings at once in the Settings for Entity Types administration page.
  • Added ability to expand navigation on hover, using the new Navigation Panel miscellaneous global option.
  • Added the intrinsic Entity Type field as an available column in Portfolio Hub views.
  • Improved loading times of Portfolio Hub views that include very large numbers of entities and/or columns.
  • Fixed issue with separate groups being created in Portfolio Hub views when grouping by a people picker field with values that contain commas.
  • Fixed issue with parent entity columns not being displayed in exported Portfolio Hub views to Excel.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to export Portfolio Hub views to Excel when filters are applied on parent entity columns.
  • Fixed issue with Date fields not handling input errors properly.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to select values in option set entity fields while validation errors are displayed on required fields.
  • Fixed issue with error messages disappearing from administration pages soon after validations are performed.
  • Fixed issue with the Cleanup Choices for People Picker Fields queue job failing when deleting a user or resources selected as an entity value in a people picker field.
  • Fixed issue with error log not including error messages for entities not found during Data Exchange update operation.
  • Fixed issue with updates to read-only entity fields being allowed through Data Exchange imports.
  • Fixed issue with Import Entity Data queue job not being retried automatically when importing field values in a checked-out Microsoft Project entity.
  • Fixed issue with exporting fields that contain a vertical line symbol to Excel.
  • Fixed issue with defining conditional formatting rules based on the Entity Type field in Portfolio Hub views.
  • Fixed issue with displaying html tags when importing rich-text field values using Data Import.
  • Fixed issue with labels not being displayed correctly in Portfolio Hub views grouped by parent entities when a parent entity is deleted.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to select more than one value when defining a Portfolio Hub view filtering condition using fields that allows multiple values.
  • Fixed issue with bulk snapshots not being created for Microsoft Project connected entities when using a template that only contains Microsoft Project fields.
  • Fixed issue with only users having a license assigned to them being included in the UserProfiles OData view.
  • Fixed issue with entities not transitioning to their next workflow stage if the user lacks the Manage Milestone Governance permission.


  • Added the ability to submit surveys programmatically.
  • When reading people picker field values programmatically, the response now includes both the name and the email of the selected user or resource.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to programmatically update entity fields on entities with a read-only people picker field.
  • Fixed issue with Actuals financial values not overwriting Forecast values correctly when archiving financial periods programmatically.


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