NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.7

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.7 – Product Update 7 (PU7). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.


UPCOMING CHANGES: Starting with NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.9 – Product Update 9 (PU9), ‘SharePoint Connected Entity Types’ will no longer be supported in NH360 Portfolio Insights, and will be superseded by ‘Entity Types’. As a prerequisite to deploying v6.9, customers should replace ‘SharePoint Connected Entity Types’ with ‘Entity Types’. Currently, NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.9 – Product Update 9 (PU9) is scheduled for release in Q1 2023 (subject to change).


Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:


  • Strategy Hub
    • Fixed issue with metrics not being displayed in snapshots defined with no metric fields


  • Roadmap Manager
    • Added the option to automatically create Start and Finish milestones for Entity Types
    • Added the ability to keep Start and Finish milestone dates in sync with Start/Actual Start and Finish/Actual Finish entity fields
    • New option to drive entity timelines in roadmaps using Start and Finish milestones dates
    • Added support for Standard fiscal calendars in Timeline portfolio roadmaps
    • Added the ability to group milestones in the Milestones view
    • Added the ability to include multi-line text fields in the Entity Details pane
    • Added the ability to change the status of completed milestones back to Active
    • Fixed issue with adjacent groups in roadmaps being assigned very similar colors
    • Fixed issue with the Actual Date field being enabled for completed milestones
    • Fixed issue with milestone default sorting using Name instead of Planned Date
    • User defined sorting in the Milestone web part is now persisted
    • Fixed issue with not being able to group entities in roadmaps using Microsoft Project Fields using hierarchical Lookup Tables


  • Resource Management
    • Added the ability to quickly filter resources from the My Resources web part using search
    • New option in My Resources web part that hides resource assignments with no values in the selected Date Range
    • Entities that do not intersect the selected Date Range from the My Resource Plans and My Resources web parts are no longer displayed in the views
    • Added the ability to drilldown to entity records from the My Resource Plans and My Resources views
    • Added the ability to filter which resources will be displayed in resource plans selected in the My Resource Plans web part
    • New option in the My Resources web part to display only assignments with Planned vs. Committed dimension different than zero
    • Significant performance improvements when using very large resource pools
    • Fixed issue with resource plans throwing an error while the Resource Pool is actively synchronizing with Microsoft Project
    • Fixed issue with all entities being displayed in the My Resources web part when there are no entities that satisfy the filter criteria defined in Display Filter dialog


  • Portfolio Manager
    • Added the ability to account for resource, cost and benefits data from entities that are not displayed within a plan
    • Added the ability to refresh data for all entities within a plan at once
    • Added the ability to include multi-line text fields in the Entity Details pane
    • Fixed issue with sections from the Plan page not being fully expanded when opening exiting plan
    • Fixed issue with milestone dependency arrows being misaligned while sliding an entity in the roadmap


  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Fixed issue with values sometimes not being correctly displayed when using multi-currency and the Entire Timeline granularity
    • Fixed issue with an entity’s financial values sometimes being duplicated in reporting views when multiple updates were performed programmatically


  • Other
    • Added the ability to define hierarchical Option Sets
    • Added the ability to sort option set values alphabetically
    • Added the ability to create multi-line rich-text Entity Fields
    • Fixed issue with on-demand security group synchronization failing to complete successfully
    • Fixed issue with entities not being available in Portfolio Hub for users that do not have access to their Entity Type
    • Fixed issue with the OData.SurveyQuestionsAnswers view not containing free-text survey questions


  • Programmability
    • Added the ability to programmatically set the financial values integration type for an entity
    • Added the ability to programmatically read assignment values and assignment field values from snapshots
    • Added the ability to programmatically read Data Exchange import templates and start imports using an import template
    • Fixed issue which allowed milestone status updates without also updating the milestone Actual Date
    • Fixed issue with programmatic milestone updates were not reflected in OData views
    • Fixed issue with allowing programmatic updates to financial values from read-only periods


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