NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.8

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.8 – Product Update 8 (PU8). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.


UPCOMING CHANGES: Starting with NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.9 – Product Update 9 (PU9), ‘SharePoint Connected Entity Types’ will no longer be supported in NH360 Portfolio Insights, and will be superseded by ‘Entity Types’. As a prerequisite to deploying v6.9, customers should replace ‘SharePoint Connected Entity Types’ with ‘Entity Types’. Currently, NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.9 – Product Update 9 (PU9) is scheduled for release in Q1 2023 (subject to change).


Here is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:


  • Strategy Hub
    • Added the ability to decompose strategy by assigning strategic objectives to Strategy Levels and selecting the right Parent Strategic Objective
    • Added the ability to drive the progress of strategic objectives based on their lower level child strategic objectives or based on their associated metrics
    • Added option to select a Parent Metric for metrics that are associated to lower level strategic objectives
    • Added the ability to display the full hierarchy of strategic objectives by grouping the Strategic Objectives view using the Strategy Hierarchy option
    • Added the following columns to the StrategicObjectives OData view: ParentStrategicObjectiveGUID, ParentStrategicObjectiveName, LevelGUID, LevelName, DriveProgressFromChildren
    • Added the following columns to the Metrics OData view: ParentMetricGUID, ParentMetricName
    • Added the ParentMetric column to the SnapshotMetrics OData view
    • Added the ability to change the Input Type setting for existing metrics
    • Added the ability to extend the End Date of existing strategic objectives


  • Roadmap Manager
    • Added the ability to change the order of intrinsic milestone fields from the list displayed in the Milestones view
    • Added the ability to globally define custom labels for the Planned, Active and Completed milestone statuses
    • Added the ability to globally define custom labels for Planned Date and Actual Date milestone attributes
    • Added a dedicated section for Milestone Settings in the Global Options administration page
    • Added a contextual description to the milestone dependencies Comment field
    • Fixed issue with not being able to scroll horizontally in the Milestones web part
    • Fixed issue with users whose names contain apostrophes not being able to access Roadmap Manager
    • Fixed issue with not being able to uncheck the Aggregate financial data option for existing relationships


  • Resource Management
    • Added the ability to separate resource Base Capacity from Net Capacity:
      • By default, Net Capacity will be equal Base Capacity
      • Net Capacity can differ from Base Capacity when the Use ‘Max Units’ to compute Net Capacity setting is selected in the new Max Units Settings global option
      • Full Time Equivalent work unit values will be calculated using each resource’s Base Capacity
      • Availability values will be calculated using the resource’s Net Capacity
      • Two new OData views have been created to reference Net Capacity in reports: ResourcesNetCapacityView and ResourcesNetCapacityViewWeekly
      • Several labels and descriptions from administration pages have been updated to reflect the new Base Capacity and Net Capacity terms
    • Added the ability to include Summary Cards in the Resources web part, displaying aggregate information about an entity’s resource plan values
    • New option added to the My Resources web part that hides Inactive resources from the Resources section in the Display Filter dialog
    • Added the ability to include the Email Address resource field to the resource plan grid
    • Fixed issue with selected resource plans being removed from the Display Filter dialog in the My Resource Plans web part, if they no longer match the defined filtering criteria
    • Fixed issue with the values of text resource assignment fields that allow multiple selections not being displayed in snapshots


  • Portfolio Manager
    • Fixed issue with the Refresh Plan Data action not updating the latest resource pool information
    • Fixed issue with resources not being alphabetically ordered in the Resources section from the Plan page
    • Fixed scaling issues with the Roadmap, Resources and Financials section when resizing the browser window


  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Added the ability to include Summary Cards in all financial web parts, displaying aggregate information about an entity’s financial values and their variance
    • Fixed issue with having an incorrect hyperlink included in change request approval email notifications


  • Other
    • Added the ability to inherit global permissions or manage custom permissions per security group at the Entity Type level
    • Added the ability to inherit entity type permissions or manage custom permissions per user or security group at the Entity level
    • Improved UI/UX for creating and editing security groups and permission templates in the Manage Groups and Manage Templates administration pages
    • Improved UI/UX for managing entity-level access and permissions in the Entity Access dialog
    • Fixed issue with required entity fields not being highlighted with a red asterisk in the Entity Details web part
    • Fixed issue with entity field descriptions not being formatted correctly in the Entity Details web part
    • Included the Security Group column in the Manage Users administration page
    • Fixed issue with the formatting of the Last Connection column values when exporting the contents of the Manage CALs page to Microsoft Excel
    • Fixed issue with adding users whose Login Names contain apostrophes
    • Fixed issue with Fist Name and Last Name not being populated correctly when adding individual users in Settings – Manage Users admin page
    • General queue job processing performance improvements
    • Fixed display issue when highlighting hierarchical option set values in Entity Fields
    • Enabled the use of “.” (period) character in the definition of Option Set values
    • Fixed issue with hierarchical option set fields allowing parent values to be selected when the Only allow codes with no subordinate values options is enabled
    • Fixed random occurrences when entity names are saved as null
    • Fixed issue with Security Group synchronization with SharePoint groups sometimes failing
    • Increase the limit for Workflow Stage names to 255 characters
    • Fixed issue with the filtering component of the Workflow Stage column from Portfolio Hub views not displaying its available values in alphabetical order
    • Fixed issue with trying to download a log file after running an import in Data Exchange
    • Fixed issue with Cost entity field values not being displayed properly in OData views
    • Fixed issue with Sync Project Resources queue jobs being created even when there are other jobs of the same type already waiting to be processed
    • Fixed issue with Sync Entity Field Values with Providers queue jobs remaining in a Running state indefinitely


  • Programmability
    • Added support for CRUD operations for Option Sets
    • Added a new ModifiedDate column in all OData views that include resource Assignment Values
    • Fixed issue with being unable to programmatically read Financial Breakdowns
    • Fixed issue with financial categories not being correctly assigned when creating Financial Breakdowns using a template
    • Added the ability to programmatically create Financial Breakdowns with specific fields and cost categories
    • Fixed issue with not being able to programmatically read resource assignments from snapshots, if they no longer exist in the resource plan
    • Added the ability to programmatically read milestone Variance values
    • Fixed issue with not being able to programmatically answer survey questions that are created with scoring templates
    • Fixed issue with not being able to programmatically add or update values in Rich-Text Entity Fields
    • Added financial breakdown values manager class for easy access to breakdown values operations


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