NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.9

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of NH360 Portfolio Insights v6.9 – Product Update 9 (PU9). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.


UPCOMING CHANGES: Starting with v6.9, ‘SharePoint Connected Entity Types’ are no longer supported in NH360 Portfolio Insights, and are superseded by ‘Entity Types’. As a prerequisite to deploying v6.9, customers should replace ‘SharePoint Connected Entity Types’ with ‘Entity Types’.


Here is a list of changes introduced with this update:


  • Strategy Hub
    • Fixed issue with persisted user setting affecting the Strategy Hub views


  • Roadmap Manager
    • Added the ability to update existing milestones directly in the Milestones view grid
    • Fixed issue with setting the cursor by default in the Name field when creating a milestone.
    • Added the VarianceDays column to the Milestones OData view
    • Increased the width of the roadmap selector from Roadmap Manager


  • Resource Management
    • Performance improvements to the Add Resources and Change Assigned Resource dialogs
    • Added the ability to choose which resource fields will be displayed in the Add Resources and Change Assigned Resource dialogs
    • Fixed issue with the Sync Provider Assignments queue job failing when the resource assignment timeline from Microsoft Project does not intersect the resource plan timeline
    • Fixed issue with synchronizing values with a Microsoft Project resource custom field called Resource Cost Center


  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Added the ability to map entity fields to financial values using each entity’s own currency
    • Added the ability to update Summary Cards according to the selected Display Currency


  • Other
    • Removed support for SharePoint Connected Entity Types
    • Added the ability to check permissions of individual users on Entity Types and Entities from the Manage Users administration page
    • Added the ability to select which Entity Types will be included in bulk snapshots created from the Manage Snapshots administration page
    • Fixed issue with importing case sensitive values in the Owner project field using Data Exchange
    • Fixed issue with displaying Portfolio Hub views after deleting New type forms used by Entity Types from the view
    • Fixed issue with non-hierarchical option set values not having a FullValue populated in the FieldTableValues OData view
    • Increased resource assignment and metric assignment multiline text field maximum length to 1000 characters
    • Fixed issue with entity names being displayed in lowercase when filtering Portfolio Hub views by Parent Entities
    • Fixed issue with updating rich-text entity fields through change requests
    • Fixed issue with option set values containing commas not being evaluated correctly in entity field formulas. Multiselect field values will now be separated using | instead of commas in formula field definitions
    • Fixed issue with partially successful imports being counted towards successfully imported entities in Data Exchange
    • Fixed issue with certain login names not being allowed when adding individual users in the Manage Users administration page


  • Programmability
    • Added the ability to programmatically update financial breakdown field values
    • Added information regarding ModifiedDate when programmatically reading resource assignment values 
    • Fixed issue with not being able to update financial breakdown time-phased values on all financial dimensions
    • Fixed issue with not being able to programmatically update answers for survey questions created with a scoring template


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