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Futuring offers our clients both a strategic and creative process to anticipate and plan for the long-term. We help clients narrow down what is possible to what is plausible, and ultimately identify probable futures that can inform present day decisions.

Reinventing the Future

Futures in 1 Hour (F1H), is a guided activity for anyone who wants to learn how to think like a futurist. The tool is designed to teach the basics of futures thinking. F1H demonstrates how futures can be used to ignite critical thinking, storytelling and creativity to make better long-term business decisions, and engage with others to create better tomorrows. F1H is available under a Creative Commons license. Please download, use and share it freely.

Learning to Think Like a Futurist

The future is coming – are you ready for it? It will help if you learn to think like a futurist. Learn about our Futures in 1 Hour tool to discover and plan for possible scenarios.


Our Thinking


Futurists on Futures


Futures Scenario Explorer

How US Marines Use Sci-Fi to Prepare for the Future

Playing with Futures

Playing With Futures: From Research to Participation

Post Cards from the Future

Postcards from the Future

Futures Explorer

Futures Explorer: A Gaming Approach to Longer Term Strategy…

Our Futures Practice Leads

Leigh Cook

Associate Vice President

Leigh is a futurist, innovator and strategist. She leads the Futures practice at Sparks Grove focused on envisioning and creating meaningful human experiences and breakthrough business strategies.

Sandjar Kozubaev


Sandjar is a design researcher, futurist and educator. He leads the futures practice and focuses on developing participatory and immersive methods that help organizations articulate challenges and opportunities of alternative futures and activate resilient strategies.