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Need Help with Digital Transformation?

Technology and digital disruptors reshape markets.

The impacts of such disruptions are far-reaching, affecting every organization, in every sector, in every industry. We help organizations drive market gains by aligning technology and digital with strategy and culture, optimizing the types of tools and services that drive informed decision-making, enable internal collaboration and create platforms for meaningful customer engagement.

How We Can Help

AI & Cognitive Services

We evaluate and integrate artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning into organizational ecosystems to improve performance, deliver experience, and catapult growth.

Digital Applications

We create custom, customer and employee-focused digital applications that are rapidly built and can be continuously improved throughout their life.

Digital Transformation

We help organizations become a digital business across its people, processes and technology.

Our Thinking

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Orchestrating Omnichannel Marketing to Engage Physicians and Patients

The Value Blueprint
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Ben Grinnell

Ben Grinnell FBCS

Managing Director

Ben is a Managing Director at North Highland. He has worked at the firm for 12 years, advising technology leaders on applying next-generation IT to transform the way organizations gain speed and agility. He is a recognized thought leader and driver in the DevOps movement, and an expert in applying DevOps to transform enterprise technology. He is also a fellow of the British computer society. 

Paul Falor

Paul Falor

Chief Information Officer and Head of Technology Strategic Alliances

As North Highland’s chief information officer and head of technology strategic alliances, Paul Falor is driven by a passion to enable efficiency and innovation through technology. Paul has spent more than two decades leading information technology and information security initiatives for companies in the financial services and consulting industries. 

Jason Jercinovic

Jason Jercinovic

Vice President and US Digital Lead

Jason is a Digital executive leader with a wide range of experience in technology, digital application development, and innovation products and solutions. With over twenty-five years across diverse business experience Jason is known for his deftness in using technology to create innovative, customer-centric solutions to create value and growth for many of the world’s largest enterprises.


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