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Federal Government Transformation

Proactively preparing for the future.

As the leading change and transformation consultancy, North Highland prepares the Federal government for what’s next. We bring on-the-ground experience with state governments to our Federal work and ensure you are ready to better serve the American people: to make your workforce and operations more resilient, adaptable, and efficient.


How We Help

Procurement Lifecycle Strategy and Execution Support

We guide clients throughout the procurement process, including market scans, requirements gathering, solicitation development, bid evaluation, vendor selection and negotiation, and post-award vendor management.


Workforce Management

We help our clients improve how they plan, source, attract, engage, develop, reward, and mobilize their employees and leaders to effectively manage their human capital and promote high performing teams.


Change Management

We ensure that our client’s most critical initiatives are comprehensively embraced by their workforce and deeply embedded throughout their organization. We assess and measure your organization’s adoption of change while creating and executing plans for improving that adoption.

Digital Transformation

We assess our client’s business and technology ecosystem, recommend ways to improve the current state, and guide them through their transformation to a more digital future.


Validate the Work Completed by Vendors

We serve as an independent evaluator of our client’s vendors to ensure that the client is getting the full, expected benefit of their investment.


Strategic Planning and Business Case Development

We partner with our clients to define their enterprise strategies, develop business cases and perform feasibility studies to secure funding. We facilitate visioning sessions, develop strategic roadmaps, and define benefit realization processes to measure whether expected outcomes are achieved.


PMO Support

We design and implement program and project management processes to support complex transformations, enabling the delivery of on-time and on-budget programs and projects, proactively identifying and mitigating risks, and roadblocks.


Program Integration

We collaborate with multiple agencies and vendors to seamlessly coordinate planning and implementation of solutions across an integration platform to support system modernization and replacement initiatives.


Data Strategy, Governance, and Analytics

We define the future data ecosystem and implement data governance processes to enable timely, data-driven decision making across the enterprise.


Ensure Process Excellence Through Redesign & Automation

We partner with clients to build a process environment that drives efficiency across an organization by discovering, refining, and/or automating processes to optimize operations. 



We work together to develop quality standards and implement checks and balances to ensure a product meets business requirements, realizes the anticipated impact, delivers value to the organization, and achieves a positive return on investment.


Design and Build Organizations That Promote Success

We help clients design and build organizational structures that align with business strategy and promote the working relationships, behaviors, workflow, and performance needed to excel.


How we work with the Federal Government

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