North Highland's Ben Grinnell featured at Rethink! IT Europe 2017

On April 27, Ben Grinnell, North Highland Global Technology and Digital Lead, will be presenting a case study at the IT Europe 2017 conference titled Rethink! IT Europe 2017. Rethink! is the leading digital IT event in Europe. The event brings together more than 150 CIOs and IT decision makers to discuss industry topics, share knowledge, create new partnerships, and identify opportunities for their businesses. Ben will be presenting a digital and technology case study that focuses on IT department transformations.

In his presentation, Ben will reveal insights on North Highland’s accelerating journey to digitalization. Ben has been key in leading digital transformation efforts for our clients during the last five years.

“Many clients have come to embrace holistic digitization as a result of trial and error,” explains Ben. “Maybe this is their second or third attempt to do something with digital, and they realize that their failure to look at a digital across the entire organization is the reason it never quite worked out right.”

Ben Grinnell’s feature at Rethink! IT will accelerate awareness about the needed change in IT and the steps of implementation. By keeping things ever changing, we all benefit from IT transformation.