North Highland's Data & Analytics Capability Launches a New Podcast

North Highland's Data & Analytics capability has launched a new podcast discussing the latest tools, techniques and applications of analytics to solve business problems. 

Datalogue, hosted by North Highland's Dwight Specht and Tyler Brownfield, interviews several of the firm's leaders in our analytics practice, with plans to bring in outside experts from other companies for future interviews. In the podcast's inaugural episode, Dwight and Tyler sit down with Stephen Easter (North Highland's Director of Advanced Analytics) to talk about how his team used predictive modeling to help a quick service oil change client drive a 63% increase in mechanical conversions and gain a seven times return on investment for their service. In latter episodes, the duo also talks to Cliff Stephens, Charlie Morn and Dan Kopp about some of the insights and lessons they've learned from their recent work.

The Data & Analytics team plans to publish a new episode every three weeks following their inaugural episode. Visit the Datalogue website for more ways to subscribe to new episodes. 

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