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Every business we work with is engaged in some form of transformation and they must do it quickly. This means getting used to failing fast. Though some ideas will fail, it's important for businesses to build a resiliency muscle that is embedded in their culture.



Organizational Change Management

We help demystify how to make change happen on the ground, applying logic and creativity. Whatever the nature of your change initiative, we can help you inspire change, engage your people, and accelerate business results. 

Organizational Strategy and Design

We help clients design an organizational structure that drives business strategy through organizational structure and strategy design, competency definitions, operating processes, and job and career frameworks. 

Talent Management & Development

We help our clients improve how they plan, source, attract, engage, develop, reward, and mobilize their employees and leaders to maximize performance and capitalize on the potential of their workforce. 


We believe that change starts by understanding the current climate including both spoken and unspoken perceptions, and continuing to build against a set of six cultural levers: vision, values, behaviors, language, systems, and recognition. 

Managed Services for Change Management

We offer change management as a managed service, with a keen focus on your workforce’s engagement, for clients who require a dependable pool of change management practitioners that can execute sustainable change programs. 

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Innovation Requires Risk and Resilience

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Building Resilience into Operations

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Intentional Cultures Are Resilient
White papers

Intentional Cultures Are Resilient

Mindy Bostick

Associate Vice President

Mindy leads North Highland's People & Change capability. She has over 30 years of experience helping organizations realize their business objectives through people practices. Mindy has deep expertise in leadership alignment, organizational change management, technology implementations and other practices that drive transformational change.

Susan Edwards

Associate Vice President, Workforce Transformation Lead

Susan has more than 20 years of experience as a talent management executive and consultant, with a track record of helping clients thrive in the face of constant change and competition. Susan helps leaders align their strategy, culture, and systems to deliver measurable business results. She is known as a collaborative and engaging leader who delivers innovative client solutions and brings out the best in her teams.

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