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Reimagining Change as a Path to Growth

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It's time to put people at the center of change.

Rapid change is non-stop. And despite the need for swift adaptation, many organizations simply aren’t built to pivot quickly. Traditional change management approaches are often based on ideal business scenarios, desired results, and assumptions about employee needs. Poorly manage change, and you could suffer diminished productivity, employee engagement, and retention—a damaging triple threat to the bottom line. We have a better way.

Change Management Culture Mindsets

Sustaining change through culture and mindsets.

Organizations need a purposeful change management approach that directly addresses the different needs and challenges of employees and leaders alike. In action, it should maximize engagement while mitigating the risks of change saturation. For change to land and last, businesses must also focus on cultivating the cultures and mindsets that champion change as a path to growth.


Let's inspire change together.

North Highland's Change Management practice addresses the challenges and seizes the opportunities presented by the breakneck pace of change. Our work empowers you to innovate and outpace the competition by unlocking the potential of your people. We supplement traditional change management approaches with techniques that drive higher adoption and minimize change saturation, including design thinking, behavioral science and agile delivery. The result? Lasting change and mindsets that embrace disruption as an opportunity to grow.

How We Help


Culture powers continuous transformation. We make change happen by understanding the current climate, including spoken and unspoken perceptions, and continuing to build against a set of eight cultural drivers.

Organizational Change Management

Summoning logic and creativity, we help demystify how to make change happen on the ground. Whatever the nature of your change initiative, we can help you inspire change, engage your people, and accelerate business results.

North Highland was hired to lead a three-year change management effort for the Nuclear Merger Program; in reality, they provided so much more. I found their staff to be professional, articulate, and well-capable of filling whatever leadership role was needed within the 20+ individual IT projects.

IT Business Program Director, Energy Company


We partner with clients to build nimble, employee-centric organizations that are poised for growth, change, and lasting success.


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