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The promise of digital transformation is compelling.

It calls for modernized IT systems that drive a better experience for your customers, streamlined business operations, and improved insights for your employees. This promise is why so many organizations have embarked on digital transformations. Yet, leaders often find themselves falling short of business goals and struggling to make progress with their digital initiatives. Unsurprisingly, our research shows that data and technology top the list as transformation’s greatest challenge area.



To succeed, organizations must have a robust digital core of modern platforms and operating capabilities that integrate the activities of customers, the workforce, and operations. We believe the digital core determines the success of your digital transformation and powers your ability to sense, learn, and adapt.  

We’re here because the promise of digital transformation is real—and so are its challenges. Our goal is to help you build your digital core and optimize your mission-critical assets—your data and technology—to ensure they serve as core enablers of change and transformation. We’re here to help you make change happen.


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Supporting your transformation goals with a digital core.

Every transformation is a digital transformation, and the right data and technology can be your ultimate catalysts for enterprise-wide change. First, you need a robust digital core of modern platforms and operating capabilities that integrate the activities of customers, the workforce, and operations. This digital core not only lays the foundation for your digital transformation, but powers your ability to adapt, and even benefit from, unforeseen volatility in the business landscape.

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Disruption is business as usual. Data and technology can help.

We bring the blended expertise of our Data & Analytics and Technology teams to design, build, and integrate new solutions, platforms, and technology-based competencies. Our experts help you wield technology to reduce costs, improve reliability, increase speed to market, and deliver the insights to grow in the face of constant disruption.

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Leading analyst firms recognize that digital excellence sits at the core of what we do.

They consider us a leader in HR Technology and IT Operations. Take it from their perspective. We are a recognized Vanguard Leader for HR Technology Services (2019) and Challenger for IT Operations (2018) consulting by ALM Intelligence. We were a DevOps Leader of the Year Finalist by DevOps Excellence Awards in 2018. We were CIO of the Year according to Georgia CIO Leadership Association in 2018.


Advanced Analytics

Our experts extract meaningful patterns from data to describe, predict, and improve customer experience effectiveness and business performance. Techniques include predictive modeling, machine learning, text mining, topic modeling, and embedding analytical business operations.

Data Visualization

We help produce high-quality analytics, grounded in clean, secure data, enables compelling, actionable data stories, scorecards, and dashboards.

Information Management

We develop data, information, business intelligence, analytics strategy, and roadmaps that align with business objectives. Our approach drives data quality through data governance and Master Data Management (MDM) frameworks across people, process, and technology.

Data Engineering

From on-prem enterprise data warehouses to hybrid cloud data lakes to Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), we architect and build the underlying infrastructure to support insight-rich organizations.

Digital Advisory, Delivery, and Operations

Our experts help plan the transformation of your digital core to reduce cost, manage risk, and speed time to market. Then, we design, build, and integrate solutions to enable the next-generation digital experience. Along the way, we'll modernize your end-to-end service management capabilities, ensure seamless workforce adoption, and drive solutions forward.



Fueling the Digital Core With Future-Proof IT Architecture
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Fueling the Digital Core With Future-Proof IT Architecture

Case Studies

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Taking the Digital Journey to Meet Clients and Advisors Where They Are

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