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Managing the impacts of crisis is much like running up a steep mountain trail. You need to be present, acutely aware of your footing, and with an eye towards the peak. 

Leaders often struggle to look at the path that stretches ahead, opting for short-term actions that address immediate workforce, customer, and operational needs, but stifle long-term growth. At North Highland, we help companies chart their path across horizons to achieve a stronger future. 


Confidently evolve as you navigate towards a more adaptable future.

You need to approach crisis response and recovery across three horizons, deploying workforce constructs to achieve near-term viability and stability while preparing for a future recovery that sustains organizational durability and adaptability. 

To effectively navigate, it’s helpful to understand where you are on your path. 

Horizon 1: Viability

Immediate and incremental responses to crisis.

Reactive decision-making is focused on immediate crisis response and physical and financial preservation.

Horizon 2: Stability

Insightfully proactive and prepared actions.

A more comprehensive analysis becomes possible, brought into clearer focus with more information about the crisis, allowing the development of multiple options and scenarios.

Horizon 3: Durability and Adaptability

Informed strategic readiness.

A full understanding of the impact on demand, supply chain, customers, competitors, and government response enables companies to create a comprehensive analysis of their workforce options.

Horizon Diagnostic

Get clarity on your current Horizon and actionable steps to guide you through the next normal.

About Our Services

Workforce Strategy & Optimization

We align business objectives to workforce models that help achieve your near-term mandatories while preparing for your future recovery. Our flexible workforce solutions can quickly add capacity and expertise to your team in the areas of responsive workforce planning, performance management for new working environments, development of command centers, optimized training tools and more.


Horizon Diagnostic

Our team of experts can offer a detailed walk-thru of your Horizon diagnostic results through a virtual one-to-one or group workshop. Details will include overview of key challenges, opportunities, and pathways forward to ensure a stronger more aligned approach for return to work and transformation initiatives post-pandemic.

Change Economics

In crisis response, you need a clear vision, guiding principles, and objectives to inform an adaptive recovery strategy—all while keeping a constant eye on mitigating risk and improving flexibility. Change EconomicsSM offers a common framework for valuing and prioritizing your path forward to ensure greater alignment, faster adoption, and accelerated results.  

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Workforce Strategy and Portfolio Management: Propelling Crisis Response and Recovery Across Horizons
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A brighter Horizon

A Brighter Horizon

Viability: Defining the Immediate Response

Viability: Defining the Immediate Response


Stability: Harnessing the Power of Your Core

Durability and Adaptability: Emerging Stronger

Durability and Adaptability: Emerging Stronger

Preparing for the Next Normal with Customer Insights

Preparing for the Next Normal with Customer Insights

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