Watching North Highland Grow

Watching North Highland has been like watching my children grow.  When you can watch something mature that you helped create – it truly is an amazing feeling.

From starting as the Executive Assistant for Dave Paterson in 2001 to my current role as the Compensation Analyst, I have seen many things change.  Becoming mature always has its growing pains but the majority of my memories are filled with the good things our company’s foundation is built upon: our people.

When my oldest child left our home, there was always the chance of her coming back.  Much like the many colleagues who have left North Highland only to see them return.  We have built a culture here that is like a family.  Our people have always come first and I hope that never changes.

From ServicePort to ChangePoint and now WorkDay, the systems we employ will change but the quality of our people stayed the same.  The Global Services Team has grown tremendously and getting better all the time.  Global Services is the trunk of our family tree and the Consultants can sometimes be the crazy Aunts and Uncles but we will always love them just the same.

I want to thank many of you who have become more than co-workers to me.  North Highland is my second home.  I will forever cherish the memories we have made these past 16 years.  I am also looking forward to making many more with you in the future.