A Holistic Approach to Portfolio Performance

In this case study, we examine how North Highland used a NH360, a global cloud-based strategic portfolio management process and toolset, to get rid of inefficiencies and offer a comprehensive view of projects, portfolios, and financial performance.


Client Situation

The client wanted to standardize portfolio management processes across the entire organization. They needed a unified view of portfolio performance, project statuses, and project financials. Detailed information on portfolio performance was necessary to support their rate case with government entities.


Our Approach

  • Create a streamlined process for analyzing investments, assessing risks, and aligning with strategic goals.
  • Support both annual and dynamic financial planning processes.
  • Interface seamlessly with existing corporate financial and project management systems.
  • Improve delivery metrics by enhancing visibility and maintaining constant governance oversight.
  • Standardize demand management and financial governance processes and controls across the entire enterprise.


Value Delivered

  • Made project intake and approval uniform, and established workflows to control funding governance processes while simplifying governance controls at the execution level.
  • Implemented a centralized financial framework for selecting projects, monitoring capital, and providing financial controls necessary to manage project and operational spend.
  • Integrated with an ERP solution to import financial actuals.
  • Standardized the enterprise resource pool to optimize resource planning and utilization, capturing accurate resource demand and providing visibility into constraints at both role and individual levels.
  • The Roadmap Manager defines, shares, and automates Strategic Roadmaps that track cross-project, program, and product interdependencies.
  • Standardized reporting at the Portfolio, Program, and Project levels offers trending reports, with integrated financial reporting using ERP toolsets for reconciliation.
  • Integrated the SPM solution with Microsoft Project Online, Primavera P6, and Copperleaf to support standardized scheduling and milestone synchronization for road mapping and dependency management.

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