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Achieving Your Value Aspirations

It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing an unexpected competitor, a sudden economic downturn, or even the routine ebb-and-flow of employee turnover. All these examples illustrate an important truth: the assumptions behind your transformation strategies are always changing.

What does this mean for those charged with strategy execution? Leaders of programs, projects, and portfolios must keep their eyes firmly focused on business strategy and flex as it changes. They must be equipped to adapt the execution of their strategies throughout the execution itself.  Value depends on it.

Instead, leaders today may be tempted to focus purely on hitting milestones and staying within budget. In turn, they lose sight of the changes—across scope, priorities, and resources—necessary to maximize value creation.

Program and Project Management 3

Guided by Agility

Without an ability to execute in an adaptive fashion, opportunities will be missed. Silos will be drawn. Value will be left on the table. But, when approached in a flexible fashion, Program and Project Management (PPM)—inclusive of Agile Transformation—is an organization’s value generator. Our PPM and Agile expertise is designed to help you realize your biggest value aspirations. We partner across your business to design programs, execute key initiatives, optimize portfolios, and build project delivery capability—all guided by the principles of agility.

Program and Project Management

Value, This Way

Breaking down functional silos, orienting around customer needs, and empowering teams with autonomy: it’s just the way we do things around here.

It doesn’t matter whether you use Waterfall or Agile methodologies—or a mix of both: in a rapid-change climate, a monolithic approach to managing programs, projects, and portfolios won’t make the cut. Instead, an adaptive approach—guided by an agile mindset—keeps outcomes at the forefront.

Program and Project Management 2

Executing with Excellence and Building Capability

ALM Intelligence awarded us a “best-in-class” ranking for Project Management and Client Capability Development in its 2018 Communications & Change Management Consulting report.

How We Help

Agile Transformation

Our approach considers the entire business, taking a whole-systems approach to improve flow and eliminate systemic waste. Agile Transformation is about driving better business outcomes, breaking down traditional functional silos to instill a ‘customer-first’ mindset, and accelerating value through the organization. With Agile Delivery, we embed the change to make transformation stick.

Program Design and Execution

We design, mobilize, and deliver strategic, high-profile change and transformation programs. Our expertise includes program assessment, delivery, and methodology design. We also recover failing programs, establish program governance and structures, and deliver end-to-end transformation programs.

Portfolio Management and Optimization

We improve our clients’ portfolio management capability by applying new mindsets to ideation, development, prioritization, and implementation of portfolio initiatives. Our approach helps businesses focus on the value the portfolio delivers through initiatives across both traditional and Agile environments.

Project Execution and Capability Development

We support organizations in the management and delivery of key projects and products through Waterfall, Agile, and hybrid approaches. We’re also experts in assessing and improving our clients’ project management and Agile execution capability. 

Leading the Pack in Transformation Realization

“…North Highland stands out for its ability to [deliver] in a truly seamless way that clients unanimously praise for accelerating design and implementation. This capability attests to a level of discipline in its approach to management engagements that has been mastered across the firm.” 

Liz DeVito, ALM Intelligence



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